Shhh I’m Hiding! - Cumulus Sock

  • $28.00

The colour story:

Do you like a little camo in your life? Camouflage comes in many different variations but this is close to the more classic green, brown, beige and black type to conceal you when hiding in the shrubberies. 

As with all hand-made things, there is always some variation between skeins even within dyelots. If you plan to make a larger project, blend your skeins through transition rows.


The yarn story:

Cumulus Sock, the yarn that gets the job done with grace and softness. Made of 80% superwash merino wool and 20% nylon, this yarn is perfect for all types of projects but most especially for socks. It is a soft and springy yarn with the strength of nylon giving it a lovely hand but durability too.

Approximately 100g

Meterage approximately 338 meters