Resistance is Futile - Cumulus Sock

  • $28.00

The colour story:

Resistance is Futile is the famously depressing phrase the Borg use when about to assimilate someone in Star Trek - The Next Generation and subsequent series. The Borg are a cyborg race of mostly technology fused with biological bodies. The colourway evokes the pale green-grey of tissues after assimilation with black speckles of the universal black body armour and cyborg parts.

As with all hand-made things, there is always some variation between skeins even within dyelots. If you plan to make a larger project, blend your skeins through transition rows.

The yarn story:

Cumulus Sock, the yarn that gets the job done with grace and softness. Made of 80% superwash merino wool and 20% nylon, this yarn is perfect for all types of projects but most especially for socks. It is a soft and springy yarn with the strength of nylon giving it a lovely hand but durability too.

Approximately 100g

Meterage approximately 338 meters