Operation: Social Justice Spectrum - Unravel Toxic Masculinity Edition - Pyrocumulus Sock

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The colour story:

From Gamer Crafting, the lead on this project: 'Social justice: the fight for equity in rights and opportunities. When did justice become something to malign and mock?' A prize turd (who happens to also espouse white supremacy) made and sold out a yarn club mocking others for working to bring equity, representation and to end discrimination. It was revolting. More revolting - people snapped it up. Since this is gross, Gamer Crafting came up with this project. Many crafters came together to create and commit to donate 20% of their sales to a charity that supports the marginalised people that this other yarnie thought appropriate to mock. Rage gifting at its finest. 

So 20% of all sales of 'Spectrum' both the special edition and regular wild speckle edition will be donated to the Rainbow Resource Centre in Winnipeg, MB. Check out their mission here: https://rainbowresourcecentre.org/

The Spectrum colourway is about just that: the spectrum of humanity. Every single part of us as people is a spectrum. The colour of our skin, hair, eyes; the range of our sexualities; our neurological formation; our abilities and skills; our body shapes and sizes - every part of who we are is a spectrum of variety. This is a heavily speckled colourway with every colour of the rainbow jumbled together, no skein is the same but made up of the same foundational elements.

The Special Edition 'Unravel Toxic Masculinity' is an active engagement with dismantling toxic masculinity that harms *everyone*. Each new stitch you knit dismantles a toxic model and turns it into a gloriously new thing, which is how we can all manifest change.

As with all hand-made things, there is always some variation between skeins even within dyelots. If you plan to make a larger project, blend your skeins through transition rows.


The yarn story:

Pyrocumulus Sock is a soft and sparkly sock yarn made from 75% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon and 5% silver stellina for a delicious sparkle. This yarn is perfect for projects that will be next to your skin because it is soft and, thanks the the nylon, has added strength to withstand wear. The sparkle adds that little something extra.

Approximately 100g

Meterage approximately 400 meters