Aurora - Pyrocumulus Top

Aurora - Pyrocumulus Top

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The colour story:

The aurora borealis is a gorgeous and irregular natural phenomenon that illuminates the deep night skies where I live. Most people who have seen aurora only see the green version but I've been fortunate to see these dancing lights in the rarer combination of green and pink against inky indigo skies. Here you see the inky navy, dark against the flashes of natural white with the bright dance of bright pink and bright green across the fibre.

**while this fibre contains 5% silver stellina, it is almost invisible which is why it is on sale. It's still a lovely soft fibre but you can feel rather than see the sparkle fibres.

As with all hand-made things, there is always some variation between skeins even within dyelots. If you plan to make a larger project and like a consistent look, blend your skeins as you spin/ply.

The fibre story:

Pyrocumulus top is a soft and sparkly and made from 75% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon and 5% silver stellina for a delicious sparkle roving ready for spinning.

Each skein of hand dyed fluff weighs approximately 110 grams.